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  • Professional Certificate: Entrepreneurship Development (PECD)

    Sept 2021 @ Milan, Italy

    It's finally here! VISUP, a leader for IoT Analytics Solutions Industry 4.0. has partnered with Edustats Solution to provide PECD, with the purpose of strengthening the knowledge and experience towards the entrepreneurs and start up community globally in anticipating the emerging technology in the modern world. (More info)

    On its Way...2021

    Dec 2020

    Version 2021 promises nothing less than a greater enhancement and many more. At the same we will see more example model such as Simulation Infectious Diseases, surgical success rate and etc will be embedded.


    For more information and trial request, please drop us a line at marketing@edustats.com.my


    We are still "Giving as usual"...

    Oct 2020

    Despite uncertainty abound due to pandemic crisis, we still keeping our promise going by providing a series of online workshop that help businesses, students and community to learn, relearn and to discover new way in managing risk by having a quantitative risk-based thinking.


    We would like to covey a big thank you to those who have helped us along the way by giving us the opportunity to share our knowledge unconditionally, UTM AHIBS (Inset), UMP, UTAR, UKM and ESL Group to name a few.


    For more information and request for online session, please drop us a line at marketing@edustats.com.my

    Edustats Announces Partnership with VISUP

    Mar 2020 @ Milan, Italy

    VISUP, an IoT global solution leader based in Milan, Italy, entered a partnership with Edustats as Industry 4.0 Risk Analysis Certification training provider, alongside with ESL Group as a sole provider for it's core product Plant9. "We are excited to partner with both Edustats and ESL Group to expand our business in Malaysia, I just can't wait to get started." said Gabriele Venier, CEO of VISUP. The partnership will see Edustats to expand the quantitative risk management training in Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing.


    Plant9 is the only Industrial Analytics solution that combines real-time data, Artificial intelligence and Machine learning models and manufacturers’ knowledge.


    To learn more about VISUP, please visit: www.visup.co

    Graduation Ceremony with Dr Elvis Hernandez

    Feb 2020 @ Hull, UK

    We have completed the first ever graduation ceremony outside from Malaysia. A great appreciation note goes to Prof. Dr Elvis Hernandez from the University of Hull, CQRM certified trainer and CEO for OSL Risk Management Group in the UK. A heartfelt congratulation to Mr. Iskandar Zain, the CEO for ESL Group Malaysia, who have aced the test with flying colors. We look forward to bring our collaboration to the next level by bringing more graduates to the UK in the near future.