• Software Toolkit

      Edustats is the authorized sole representative for Real Options Valuation, Inc. including software, training, and consulting firm specializing in state-of-the-art decision and risk analysis tools and techniques such as Real Options Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Forecasting, Optimization, Statistics and Risk Modeling.

      It is a powerful Excel add-in software used for applying simulation, forecasting, statistical analysis, decision trees, econometric analysis, and optimization in your existing Excel spreadsheet models. Risk Simulator was developed specifically to be extremely easy to use. For instance, running risk simulations is as simple as 1-2-3 (set an input, set an output, and run); and performing forecasting (i.e., Auto-econometrics, GARCH models, Stochastic Processes, Time-Series, Multivariate analysis, and so forth) relies on simple clicks in the software. Users are more focused on the analysis, reports, and numerical results.

      It is standalone software with Excel add-in for analyzing and valuing real options, financial options, exotic options and employee stock options. With Real Options SLS, all inputs could be incorporated into custom spreadsheet models, allowing creating your own “à la carte” fully customized models, where all the mathematical equations and functions are visible. Consequently, option valuations and results are easier to understand and explain, especially, allowing users valuing to financial and real assets, quantifying flexibility, and mitigating uncertainty.

      Project Economics Analysis Tool (PEAT) software was developed to perform a comprehensive Integrated Risk Management analysis on capital investments, discounted cash flow, cost and schedule risk project management, oil and gas applications, healthcare analytics, and enterprise risk management. This tool will help you to set up a series of projects or capital investment options, model their cash flows, simulate their risks, run advanced risk simulations, perform business intelligence analytics, run forecasting and prediction modeling, optimize your investment portfolio subject to budgetary and other resource and qualitative constraints, and generate automated reports and charts, all within a single easy-to-use integrated software suite.

      Modeling Toolkit is a unique technology that comprises over 1100 advanced analytical models, functions and tools, and about 300 analytical model Excel/SLS templates and example spreadsheets covering the areas of risk analysis, Six Sigma valuation, Decision Analysis, simulation, forecasting, Basel II and Basel III risk analysis, debt analysis, credit and default risk, among other statistical models.

      ROV Project Management

      Project Management (Cost and Schedule Risk) allows users drawing project pathways (linear or complex-parallel tasks, and recombining projects). According to the latest project management requirements and methodologies, users can identify critical paths, model and estimate risks on cost and schedule through advance simulations and sensitivity analysis, determine probabilities of cost-schedule overruns, and compute cost-schedule buffers at various probabilities of completion.

      Employee Stock Options Valuation

      It allows decision makers valuing employee stock options (ESO) and their expenses associated using the same software the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) uses to generate its FAS 123R examples and recommendations. ESO helps to combine thousands of assumptions and inputs to compute the fair value per option; for example: share options granted, employees granted options, expected forfeitures per year, share price at the grant date, exercise price, contractual terms (CT), interest rate, and expected volatility, and so forth.