• Software Toolkit

  • Integrated Risk Analysis Toolkit

    Analytical software

    Edustats is the authorized sole representative for Real Options Valuation, Inc. specializing in state-of-the-art decision and risk analysis tools and techniques such as Risk Simulator, Real Options SLS and Project Economics Analysis Toolkit (PEAT), BizStats and Modeling Toolkit.

    ROV BizStats

    Applied Statistics Toolkit for non-statistician

    ROV BizStats is an applied statistics toolkit that is focused on user friendliness but is still powerful enough to solve most day-to-day statistical problems. As standalone software, it will also work with the existing data in your spreadsheets, providing detailed reports complete with analytical results and in-depth explanations of the results.

    Modeling Toolkit

    A ready-made example models

    Modeling Toolkit is a unique technology that comprises over 1100 advanced analytical models, functions and tools, and about 300 analytical model Excel/SLS templates and example spreadsheets covering the areas of risk analysis, Six Sigma valuation, Decision Analysis, simulation, forecasting, Basel II and Basel III risk analysis, debt analysis, credit and default risk, among other statistical models.