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      The International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER)®

      Edustats is the global partner for the IIPER in the area of Certified in Quantitative Risk Management (CQRM). The International Institute of Professional Education and Research (IIPER)® is a worldwide professional certification education and research organization with offices and members in multiple countries, organizing global certification training, and offering our exclusive designations to candidates who meet our high academic standards.

      Real Options Valuation, Inc

      Real Options Valuation, Inc. is a software, training, and consulting firm specializing in state-of-the-art decision and risk analysis tools and techniques such as Real Options Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Forecasting, Optimization, Statistics and Risk Modeling.

      Industrial Optimizers

      Industrial Optimizers provides systems and services that increase profitability by means of optimization methods in the transportation efficiency, covering aviation, train, bus and shipping industry.


      VISUP is global solution provider for cloud computing, IoT and analytics data. Their flagship product, Plant9, is Ready-to-use Industrial IoT Analytics solution that bridges manufacturers to Industry 4.0 in no time. Smart Manufacturing made easy has been the keyword in mind when comes to VISUP.